Breaking the mold
of mobile pets

Saku Monsters is a gaming-focused monster collecting experience that draws inspiration from classic RPGs and toys from the late 90s. It aims to bring a never-before-seen play and feel to Web3.

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Compete against other players

Download the Saku Monsters app and compete against other players by taking care of your Saku Monsters Egg! Your egg needs love and attention on a daily basis, so make sure you take good care of it.

So how does it work?

Degens are pitted against each other to rub their free genesis egg at a random time every 24 hours.

Tap your egg twice a day

Points are earned based on how fast you respond to two daily notifications. Act quickly!

Good luck and have fun!

See if you can earn the top spot in the leaderboards! Don't forget to check out chat and awards.